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Top performance in sports with W&H equipment

It is precisely this “top performance” that we have been achieving for many years with our sports equipment and services.

We have had experience in the field of sports equipment development and production for over 60 years.

We were able to build up and expand this experience in direct contact with our trading partners, those responsible in clubs and municipalities, but also through contact with the local athletes.

Everything from one source – from the planning to the logistics!Top performance also in the field

From the planning of your customers’ sports facilities or the preparation of an offer by your company, through the construction of profiles and sports equipment, to production and delivery with your own vehicle fleet, everything comes from a single source.

“Individual sales documents”
We can provide you with individual images for your sales documents on request. So you can visually differentiate yourself and the images or branding corresponds to your CI.


W&H Services

Delivery and device assembly

As part of our service offensive, we have complied with this request and would like to present our services “DELIVERY and ASSEMBLY – at a fixed price”. For all our devices we offer not only the delivery but also the assembly.

Security check

This includes, for example, a test for externally recognizable defects (visual inspection), the test of safe functionality (general condition of the devices, stability, finger traps, sharp edges) as well as the summary of the results in a detailed test protocol with corresponding recommendations for action.

Old against new

With our “old versus new” program, we offer you or your customers the return of defective sports equipment. If these are made of aluminum (and that is usually the case with us), then we even credit the material value or offset it against a current order.

equipment with your logo

Of course, we also provide sales photos and documents for all of our products. On request, we will provide you with individual images, which we will of course provide with your logo in advance.